Partnership opportunities

Connect with over 475,000 profiled iShamba farmers


Promotional SMS

SMS has instant deliverability, a high open rate and can be forwarded or stored for future reference. Deliver your message to iShamba’s large database of profiled farmers, to build your products’ brand awareness and increase sales.


Exclusive Partnerships

Nothing beats selling your products to farmers exactly when they need it. Have your products incorporated in iShamba agri tips that are aligned to crop calendars of various regions and recommended at the call centre.


Special offers

Give special offers to target groups of farmers to encourage them to try your new products, increase sales and create brand loyalty.


Telephone surveys

iShamba telephone survey is inexpensive collectionable information in real time. Work with us to gauge the level of your customer service, discover new needs in target markets and survey hard to reach groups.

Partner Testimonials

Success stories from our partners

Patrick Kimani | CEO

"Kenya Livestock Producers Association (KLPA) has been partners with iShamba since 2015. We invite farmers to KLPA events through the iShamba SMS platform. SMS has proved to be an effective communication tool and we have seen a 50% increase in farmer attendance. We also sign up farmers who attend KLPA shows to the iShamba service so they can receive free agricultural advice and get access to a call centre of Agricultural experts where they can call or SMS for instant help." 


Maureen Ogayo | Administrator

"We have worked with iShamba for over a year now. We send information to farmers through the iShamba platform. iShamba responds to our requests to send out information in a timely manner. They are the most effective in reaching large numbers farmers as they have they have a wide database. When iShamba send out a message with our customer care number, farmers call us shortly after they receive the message. This is a sign that they value iShamba as a trusted information provider. iShamba also has very good customer service and they always follow up to find out the impact of messages sent and to get both positive & negative feedback." 


Our Partners