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Dry Beans Farm
Dry Beans Farming Guide
Dry beans are a good rotation crop as they break some common disease cycles.
Banana Farming Guide
Under good management, a farmer can get yields of up to 14ton/acre per year.
tomato farming
Tomato Farming Guide
To get better tomato yields, do not wait till disease symptoms start appearing.
lettuce farming
Lettuce Farming Guide
Lettuce is highly demanded because of its nutritional and health benefits.

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Kienyeji Layer Feed Formulation
Always take feed samples regularly for feed analysis to confirm the nutritive values.
Indigenous Chicken
Indigenous Chicken Production Guide
For high productivity, a farmer should maintain a high level of poultry health.
Boma Rhodes
Boma Rhodes Farming Guide
Lack of enough good feed for the cow is one of the major causes of low milk production.
Calf management
Calf Management Guide
Feeding is essential in ensuring healthy calves that are a source of heifers.

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iShamba Spray Programme for Kales, Cabbages, Broccoli & Cauliflower
Did you know during the fungicide/insecticide sprays on cauliflower or broccoli, it is advisable to incorporate a wetting/spreading agent in the mixture.
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iShamba Tomato and Pepper Spray Programme
Learn more about Tomato and Pepper spray programme.
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iShamba Spray Programme for Onions
Learn more about the Onion spray programme.